Privacy Policy

Your privacy is CryptoCleaner only reason for existence. Most blockchains are public records meaning your employer, your pizza delivery app and your grandma are able to tell what you do with your money. It makes decentralized finance even more intrusive than regular cash.

Our goal is to give you a tool to solve this issue the most efficient way and give back privacy in the crypto world.

What we collect

We only collect transaction data for the duration of the order. All collected data is deleted 24 hours after the last successful transaction (or by yourself). This includes, but is not limited to: exchange transactions ids, transactions hash, amount, time and related cryptocurrencies, Monero wallet and linked address.

Your email address, in case you provided it to us, can be used to contact you if we need to clarify information about the transaction.

We do not collect any information that could identify you or your network.

How we use it

We use order data to provide the service. That is all.

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