Below are the upcoming features. They are not in order and there is no release date due to the amount of work needed.

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Password protected order page

Currently all you need to access an order is it's id. To add another layer of privacy a password will be prompted to you once: when creating the order.

This password will be required to see your order at a later time or with another device.

Delay outgoing transactions

Yet another layer of privacy: since an order completion is about always the same duration, being able to delay outputs makes it even harder to cross reference incoming and outgoings transactions.

Reverse amount

Being able to set up an order by selecting the target amount for each destination instead of selecting the amount to send, is one of our priorities.

It will allow you to send a precise amount of money to an account, without this account knowing it would come from you.

More exchanges

Having more exchanges will enhance this service in many ways

- Privacy: by having different exchanges for the incoming and outgoing transaction

- Exchange fees: by comparing services we will be able to give you the lowest fees on the market

Make a swap

A page where you can create a transaction for a exchange. This feature will be used to hide your IP when you only need one swap.

It can also be used to compare exchanges in a glimpse.

Support on deleted orders

By design this service does not allow us to give support on deleted orders. An order is only deleted when all transactions are successful but a user could still request assistance or have questions.

To solve this we will give you the opportunity to download an encrypted report of your order when it's over.

Since only our system knows the encryption passphrase only us will be able to decrypt it and give support on it.

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