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CryptoCleaner is a tool to transfer cryptocurrencies through the Monero network in order to anonymize it.
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How to use
Use the above form to setup the order with the currency, the amount to transfer and the withdrawal data. Press on "Continue" when ready.
If you want to send to multiple destinations choose the distribution percent to transfer for each one.
Deposit the amount to the given address. This is the exchange's address, we filled the output address with the Monero wallet.
When the deposit is confirmed by the network the funds will be transferred to the second (or more) exchange call, setup with your address in output.
Deleting is a main part of the process and occur automatically 24 hours after the last successful transaction.
You can also delete it yourself with the "Delete order" button that will be prompted after all transactions are successful.
This tool is a way to anonymize cryptocurrencies by leveraging Monero blockchain. Money goes through exchanges twice: once to transfer to the monero wallet and a second one to the recipient wallet. You can also send to multiple wallets and currencies by adding destinations.
Fees for this service is 0.9% (Monero fees included) of the amount received in the monero wallet plus exchanges and transactions fees. Average cost of exchanges and transactions depend of the currency.
To understand how your privacy is protected you must understand how tracks are followed.
For this example let's say the recipient is an Electrum Bitcoin wallet. Public records will show bitcoins have been transferred from the exchange wallet.
Law enforcement will require the exchange to give all information they have on this transaction: a Monero hash (untraceable) and an IP address: the one we used to call the exchange.
This IP is owned by a proxy rotator to make sure exchanges cannot identify our service. Law enforcement will also need this proxy rotator service to give information on the caller and buyer of their service.
We used Monero to pay for proxy rotators and Tor to access and make calls. Even if they get to this point we are still a ghost. If they terminate our account we will use backups rotators to ensure service availability.
In the worst case scenario they magically find the ip calling and get to our service, by that time your order will already be deleted.
If you still have suspicious thoughts just make sure to delete the order before you use the funds on the recipient wallet.
Monero is one of the few cryptocurrencies focused on privacy. Only the sending and receiving wallets can identify the transaction. CryptoCleaner is using a new wallet for each order.
The whole process takes about one hour. Most of it is locked time (about 30min) due to Monero behavior. Your funds are unlocked in our wallets for less than 30 seconds.
You can track each step on your order page and you always know where your funds are. We also give you the exchange transaction id. It is not advised to check the transaction yourself on the exchange website since you would be leaking your ip address.
This tool works with as many currencies as the exchange dispose: 180+ for Godex, 600+ for ChangeNow.
Used wallets are deleted along with the rest of the order data 24h after the last successful transaction or by yourself by presing the "Delete order" button after the order is successful. Please note that we will not be able to give support on orders that has been deleted.
Just press on "Add destination" and choose the distribution for each recipient. You can choose as much destinations as you want but know the minimum amount be greatly affected.
The minimum amount is based on the lowest destination distribution amount. 5% are added for volatility during the transfer and 0.9% for service fees. This amount is passed to the exchange to determine the final min amount based on the incoming currency.
Amounts in each currencies are converted in dollars with CoinGecko data. Fees are calculated based on the amount sent in dollar, which is why our fee never exceed 0.9%.
Network fees are always included. We use CoinGecko because it is a neutral ground, exchanges always claims to have zero - or the lowest - fees, yet by comparing incoming and outgoing amounts, we can tell it's not always true.

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